We are committed to providing the ultimate cleaning experience for you and your family. As an eco-friendly based company we will ensure no harm will come to your pets or children from the products we use and still produce a sparkling result. From ceiling fan to baseboards you will feel the Fresh Start difference. We care very deeply about our clients and their particular needs and wants then  customize our service to reflect that in each home we attend to. Household tasks are rotated in and out on an as needs basis, whether it be weekly, biweekly, monthly or on a occasional basis. All of our staff are provided with top of  the line tools and equipment that are regularly maintained and cleaned. Let us work harder to make your life easier!


What Our Clients Say About Us

Everyday more people experience the services provided by Fresh Start!

  • Aisha , homeowner
    Aisha , homeowner
    It is with pleasure that I write this reference for April and Fresh Start Cleaning Company. She has been providing exceptional cleaning service for 3 years. Her and her staff come once a week,They provide vacuuming , dusting and window cleaning, as well as bathrooms, bedrooms , baseboards and a full kitchen . April is extremely flexible and willing to do extra jobs if required. She is very trustworthy and reliable . April and her team do a thorough job they also tackle any extra small jobs if they notice they need to be done. She is very energetic and upbeat. It is clear that she takes pride in the service she provides. We are very satisfied with her service.
  • Judy Digou
    Judy Digou
    Fresh Start Cleaning Company has been with us for several years now and I find their work exceptional. They have a keen eye for detail and are really good at rotating tasks in and out as needed. They really go the extra mile and do wall washing ,move the couchs, do the windows and inside the fridge when they see it is needed. I also very much like the products they use as I am experiencing health issues and can't tolerate toxic products. The result is always sparkling. Quite often they will make my bed for me which is greatly appreciated. It is always a pleasure to come home to a Fresh Start clean!


It’s been an interesting journey as to how we arrived at where we are at today. Over ten years ago , I had quit my job as a S.P.C.A cruelty investigator and was evaluating my options. Having some free time on my hands , I was hired by a friend to do a big organizing job for his parents. It took three days and three of us to, set things right but it was a challenge and I loved it. Then she told someone, and they told someone…..hence the company name Fresh Start as that is what we gave people. Right about then I was offered a job as the prime merchandiser for a major local company. A job I’d done in the past and greatly enjoyed. Crossroads . It takes some faith in one’s self to decide to branch out on one’s own , which I did. We’ve never looked back. What started as an organizing business evolved into what we are today. Total home care. We care for your home from the ground up. People would ask,”Do you know someone who does…..? and I would say yes, and it would be done. That is what makes us different. Whatever your needs are we can meet them. Our team has painted, pressure washed , blown out irrigation, landscaped, changed furnice filters , hung pictures, repaired furniture, the sky is the limit. We have also chopped wood, wrapped presents for the arthritic, had cat funerals,made beds army style and gone Easter shopping with clients. It keeps things interesting. Our goal is to make our clients happy and their lives easier, which is our motto. Along the way we have made some really good friends and long term clients. They say it’s not work if you love what you do and that is why we are still here ten years later waiting for the next challenge.